Developed by Hendrik Möller


Highly effective 55-minute muscle toning reformer workout based on the APM principles

Benefits are both aesthetic and functional

Enhance grace and efficiency of movement through a systematic focus on the different muscle chains to improve alignment, posture and shape

Slow and controlled movements with extreme focus on muscle activation

Here we get right into the belly of the muscle to feel the burn and tone weak or flabby muscles

The signature class of Club Supercore

All fitness levels welcome


  • Benefits are both aesthetic and functional
  • Target problem areas
  • Tone weak or flabby muscles
  • Receive the full benefit of the APM methodology
  • Slow and controlled movements
  • Shape up



Pilates on the reformer

Pilates reformer classes are performed on the ‘Reformer’ – a specialized piece of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates

The pulleys, bars and springs on a Reformer means you work against resistance and gain faster results than with mat pilates

The reformer works your arms, legs and abdominals far more thoroughly than the mat, providing a more comprehensive workout.

The focus will be on the following activities:

  • Sessions of 55 minutes, adapted depending on intensity required
  • Align the body in a comfortable non-weight-bearing and safe position
  • Allow for balanced muscle recruitment to encourage flowing, rhythmic and thoughtful movement through correct breathing
  • Working the deeper stabilising muscles of the body and correcting muscle imbalance
  • Improve muscle tone and shape
  • Improving body aesthetics
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • Superior to mat pilates
  • Build core strength
  • Muscle tone, strength and balance
  • Flexibility
  • Fitness
  • Improve posture
  • Body aesthetics


Custom Program developed by Hendrik Möller


This is where the magic happens; this is where you receive the full benefit of the APM methodology.

As we work with you on an individual basis, the exercises are specifically geared to address your individual alignment, posture and movement while working towards specific training goals.

Personal training can also be supplemented by any of our group classes.

Personal training sessions are typically 55 minutes’ duration and can be attended once, twice or optimally three times a week. There is no substitute for this individualised and intensive approach to achieve the best outcomes.

This intensive personalised training enables you to attend to finer details of your fitness especially as regards specific needs, such as pregnancy, as well as muscle tone and body aesthetics.

Indeed, here we have the opportunity to create magnificence in human form.

For prices and availability, contact us on 0837650090 or email us at to discuss your training goals and to schedule a session.

Duet and private group training also available.


  • Receive the full benefit of the APM methodology
  • Exercises specifically geared to address your individual needs
  • 55 minute sessions
  • Especially good for specific needs such as pregnancy
  • Working towards your own specific training goals

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