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Club Supercore Reformer Pilates Classes

The APM Fitness Studio is a boutique training centre conveniently situated in the heart of Stellenbosch, at the Valerida Centre opposite Paul Roos Gymnasium.

The studio is fitted with reformers, the renowned aid to fitness training designed by Joseph Pilates.

The APM methodology

APM is the acronym for alignment, posture and movement, the three interdependent elements that Hendrik Moller has combined in an integrated methodology. APM Fitness is the condition of health and well-being that is reached through using the APM methodology.

The APM methodology is the result of 20 years’ soundly based practical experience and study, developed through working with a wide variety of clients who presented extremes of needs and goals, from pre-school children up to the early 90’s, from sedentary people and pregnant women to professional athletes.

The APM methodology uncovers a myriad of false premises that underlie many approaches to training, health and fitness and guides you to a better understanding of your own body.

A full understanding of the APM methodology is best achieved through experience. It contains unique muscle activation techniques to bring inactive flabby muscles from a state of amnesia back to life so that they can function optimally.

As you are guided through the routines and exercises, you will experience improvement in muscle tone, shape, alignment, posture and ease of movement. In so doing you will find your body transformed: this experience will revive you and make you more fully aware of a body that is able to serve you better.

The APM methodology is flexible; it allows for reflection and adaptation, always expanding and improving. Above all it is truly an integration of theory and practice, all the time focused on meeting each person’s individual needs.

Reformer classes at Supercore Fitness Training Studio in Stellenbosch