6 Pillars of Club Supercore


 The 6 pillars that form the foundation of our transformational training

Club Supercore Reformer Classes in Stellenbosch


Supercore reformer classes transform problem areas, your posture and movement in ways other fitness classes simply cannot replicate. YES, this transformation is possible!

It is within your reach to move


  • excess body fat
  • love muscles
  • flabby arms
  • unshaped buttocks
  • poor posture

to being

  • leaner
  • more sculpted
  • stronger
  • graceful
  • the New Super You!

This applies to you, whether you are a professional, living a laptop lifestyle, running a mom’s taxi, a person who trains hard but somehow remains disappointed that you don’t get the results your efforts deserve. Or you’re just trying to lose a few extra kilograms.

Retired, sedentary, concerned about your posture and movement?

You don’t need to be held back by anything you think is an obstacle. Your age, your genes, your current fitness level, your busy demanding lifestyle need not stand in the way of your transformation to overall fitness and well-being.

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The specialized training equipment we use is the reformer, a phenomenal machine developed by Joseph Pilates.

What makes our reformer classes superior to mat work and many other exercise classes? Quite simply, they allow us to target, activate and tone specific areas that cause you problems, whether they be your abdomen, hips, lower back or buttocks.

The real success is achieved by combining this targeted use of the reformer with our unique APM methodology.

So, what is a reformer?
The reformer looks like a bed, with a number of springs, pulleys, ropes, straps and bars positioned to give us resistance and exercise combinations that other fitness classes cannot match.

This is especially so because the equipment allows us to conduct the exercises with the body in a properly aligned and safe position, easy to execute correctly and with precision.

Using this equipment means that you will overcome the limitations of other fitness classes and achieve visible progress and results sooner.

The great news is that the reformer achieves all this for both beginners and advanced fitness levels.

A reformer, the primary equipment used at Club Supercore, Stellenbosch


Have you stopped to think about the cardinal importance of muscle tone?

Tone describes the firmness of the muscles and their ability to contract. It is muscle tone that maintains balance and posture, protects our joints and enables movement.

Muscle tone is both aesthetic and functional. It is part of our identity, of how we feel about ourselves and how others see us. Well-toned bodies look defined, healthy and capable; the opposite unfortunately is also true.

Wrong alignment, poor posture, restricted movement, discomfort and pain all result largely from low, or weak, muscle tone. To remedy this, a training program needs to target specific muscles and muscle combinations.

Within our APM methodology, we have developed unique muscle activation techniques. We use the reformer to target muscles with low tone and wake them up from a state of amnesia, enabling them to fire properly. In other words, we improve their tone.

This improved muscle tone corrects your muscular imbalances, increases your joint stability and your range of motion; it also improves your posture and overall mobility.

If muscles with low tone are not specifically activated to create tone in them, they will never shape up: other muscles will compensate by getting bigger and stronger, affecting your movement, posture and shape – in the wrong way!

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Posture is a window into your health.

Poor posture causes many of the common pain problems you think you have to live with. Yet these problems affect your everyday well-being and can lead to long term health consequences such as:

  • pain in areas such as your back, neck, hip, knees, shoulders, ankles
  • recurring headaches
  • muscle spasm and general discomfort that affect your daily performance including your work and sleep
  • wearing down your joints, leading to possible hip and knee replacements or back surgery

Poor posture comes from muscular imbalances. Modern living reinforces bad postural habits. The typical working environment creates forward head posture and other postural deviations, mainly due to sitting. This starts at school and merges into a professional laptop lifestyle, hunched over desks, computers and smartphones.

Without the targeted interventions that Supercore offers, random exercises simply strengthen your existing imbalances and movement patterns, creating more problems in the long run.

But when posture is improved, pain you have suffered for years can disappear. Beyond that, Supercore classes help you to enjoy the success of building your own body symmetry, alignment and healthy posture.

Don’t overlook the value of body language: graceful posture commands authority, attracts respect and inspires confidence. It also does wonders for self esteem.

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Are you enthusiastic about your fitness but wanting to do more to develop your potential? Or perhaps you’re a first-timer eager to make a start, but unsure how to set about it?

The great value of joining a Supercore reformer class is the motivational power of working in a group. This works in three main ways:

  • Making a start

Many people have good intentions about getting fit, but don’t get to start, because they think they can’t make the time, or feel unprepared – and even intimidated by the prospect of training.  Supercore’s small-group classes provide a safe and supportive setting to make a start by getting targeted individual help at the same time as enjoying the benefits of teamwork.

  • Setting goals

Each one in the group shares a common goal: getting into shape. This common purpose is energizing; it motivates and gives direction to your individual efforts, adding excitement and enjoyment to reaching your goals.

  • Claiming the rewards

As a powerful motivator, group work is an antidote to discouragement or the temptation to give up. Instead, it ensures mutual encouragement and strengthens long-term sustainability in your training. Supercore classes keep each person in the group focused on the common goals, at the same time providing helpful accountability.


Discover the enjoyment of getting into shape: what better way to do it than with friends.

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How will you reach your goals of health and fitness?

The pillars of Supercore combine to make us leaders in the field: in the unique context of small classes, we give you the foundation on which to build your progress and reach personal goals. We provide the continuous support structure you need to build habits that help you achieve your best shape, fitness and well-being.

The secret lies in Supercore’s holistic approach: using our own muscle activation techniques, the APM methodology builds on the interdependence of muscle tone, alignment, posture and movement to eliminate problem areas and achieve your transformation to a pleasing body symmetry.

The rewards are both functional and aesthetic – you can look good and move well; through balanced muscle tone, good shape and movement reinforce one another. They also protect you from injury and pain.

Regular classes will open your eyes to a new understanding of your body and how it works. We clearly make you aware of what is expected during exercises and assist and monitor you at all times to ensure continuous progression.

There is no other fitness class system like this. And what better way to do this than with the mutual encouragement, fun and enjoyment that come with training in a small group.

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