Why Clients Love Working with Supercore

Stellenbosch fitness club Reformer Testimonial David Pococ



Hendrik’s combination of knowledge, experience and attention to detail is incredible. He has challenged me and shown me how to become a more balanced and ultimately better athlete. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I’d recommend him to anyone – not just athletes but anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.


Reformer classes at Supercore Fitness Training Studio in Stellenbosch


Special Needs Teacher

I had poor shape and posture when I started training with Hendrik at Supercore.  Most noticeably I had very big quads, an overly curved lower back, as well as a rounded upper back and shoulders. Over time we worked on correcting the muscle imbalances. My back pain disappeared. My body transformed. I felt a lot more comfortable in my body, especially the ease of movement when walking. I am still continually working on shaping my body by doing Supercore classes, but each day there is progress. This is truly a revolutionary way of exercising- I love it!


Teacher, Bridge House School

After many years of suffering from severe asthma, as well as asthma medication and increasing osteoarthritis, the inevitable loss of muscle tone brought me to a point of chronic back pain. After different interventions, my specialist physician, referred me to you.

Your professional approach and enormous holistic knowledge of the body’s muscular structure, brought a radical turnaround of my condition. My muscle tone is improving, and bended shoulders are returning to normal. The painless periods are increasing greatly.

Your in-depth knowledge and patient demeanour stand you in good stead as a professional.

Testimonials for Stellenbosch Supercore


IT, Computer Programmer

Supercore is one of the best finds of my life.  This is the best, the very best investment that I have made towards my health.  I can attest that it takes a mind-shift from the conventional way of exercising but, in my estimation, it’s worth it every single day.  I want to announce to the world what a valuable find this is.

My posture has always been ascribed to the way I’ve been built.  I have learned that build has little to do with posture.  It’s the muscles that overwork and those that don’t that need to be addressed.

Supercore has helped me transforming my body and improving my shape.

I have visited and believed in holistic, complimentary health practices such as chiropractics and massages to help me with back spasms. But nothing, nothing in 40 years, has assisted me as Supercore has in a few months.  My body feels lighter, my posture and movement is improving daily and I have had no need to visit any health practitioner since starting on this walk.

I can attest that I look forward  with zeal to every session I attend and each session seems to end too soon. I urge anyone who wants to listen and who has a high value on their health to join us in this wonderful journey of freedom.